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Ramblin Darlin

Sugared Suede Scented Beads 8 ounces

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A velvety suede scent complemented by the sweetness of vanilla.

Our beads are premium round shaped aroma beads that I have cured with 8:2 ratio with fragrance oils from trusted oil companies I have been using personally.

Some fragrance oils can vary in color resulting in yellow or orange tint beads.

All scented beads are sold in 8 ounce increments.


All molds are handmade & hand poured at the time of an order being placed. Small & superficial imperfections may occur including: 3-D Print lines, microscopic bubbles, microscopic debris, incomplete lines, stray glitter, etc. 

We quality control each mold to the best of our ability to make sure no large defects occur on the freshie side of the mold, where your product would be affected. 

Turn Around Time